Why we are building Fidap

Ashish Singal
August 17, 2021

It seems almost trite to pontificate on the importance of data. Data is everywhere. Data is the new oil. Data, it seems, might just be our answer to everything.

However, when it comes to using data in the enterprise, there are a couple caveats - 

First, the dirty secret of data is data is well, dirty. The process of finding, understanding, cleaning, joining, and platforming data is exceedingly painstaking. Numerous studies show that over 80% of the time data scientists spend actually goes to data cleaning instead of data analysis.

Second, almost no matter who you are, >99% of the data in this world exists outside your company’s four walls. You can understand your company well using only internal data, but your company interacts with a much larger world, and to understand that interaction, you need data from the outside world as well.

Fidap aims to alleviate these two problems. We aim to make external 3P data as accessible as possible for developers and data scientists.

If we are successful, organizations and professionals will be easily able to find, purchase and productionize external data easily using our platform. We hope to bend the cost curve - both in terms of time and money - that it takes to effectively leverage external data for business use cases.

We are searching for people who are smart, innovative, and deeply motivated by the power of data and ML to join us on our journey. And if you are interested in seeing what we have to offer as a user, please click here and sign up. We’d love your feedback.

Ashish Singal
Ash is the founder / CEO of Fidap. Previously, he was at Google and Bloomberg. He loves chocolate, puppies, and clean data.

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